Monday, 31 December 2001

24-2-17 letter to Hogan Howe who is she to punish me


24-2-17 time 12-50pm there is a woman on duty and she has been shooting short shape shots in to my left eye all morning for no other reason then she can                
the other thing they have started doing is as soon as I have eaten they make me cough to see if  they can make me sick knowing I am have trouble hanging on to the little food I am eating
time 18-01 I have a pink flashing light on my laptop because the battery is low so came of to let it charge up
 the woman on duty started targeting me in the eyes again and said it was a punishment for letting the battery go flat so what was she punish me for this afternoon,


it is like some one stick a pin in your eye all of the time 
why they wake me up at night to target my eyes 
there itch is causing me a rash between my barest

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