Monday, 31 December 2001

25-2-17- letter to Hogan Howe they think causing pain gives them kudos

25-2-17- time 03-04am

I am sitting having a cup of coffee after been woken by the woman on duty and made to pee while I was walking to the loo she targeted my eyes and when I got back in to bed she targeted under my breast to keep me awake - I had been to the kitchen and had a mouthful of ginger beer as I felt as if I had eaten feathers , what dose a woman in her late 40s get out of waking up some one and making them pee and then targeting them under there bust,

they have not stopped targeting me all day with one thing or another
my sister brought me some fish and chip and we had 1/2 each I eat the fish but not all of the chips as soon as she went they targeted my bowels and said  we do not want her getting any goodness from her food this carried on all afternoon -
over the last few days one of them said ' we should stop doing this people will know we are peeping at her blog how dose this make us look'

time 19-44 they are still causing me pain to my eye that feels like a needle sticking in it 

on another occasion they did this to my eye 


this is what they can not give up doing because it will make them look like looser 

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