Monday, 31 December 2001

26 - 27 - 28 -2-17 Letter to Hogan Howe -they use pigs to test weapons on


time 17-45
The two so called men on duty are real happy with them selves as they have nearly reduce me to tears - they have targeted my eye with what I call the needle just to cause me as much pain as they can to for fill there own need.  when they joined the Metropolitan police I wonder how they thought there careers would pan out,  little did they know that there vanity would bring to the point that they are now all over the Internet as  sadistic  B' who get of causing pain to a woman of 70
My eye sight is not good and have to lean forward to read what I am looking at and when I do this they target my back and make remarks like she is bound to be in pain,

                                                             they are doing this in the day

and this at night

this day and night 

they started yesterday sending a noise to my left ear a kind of squeak sound
the woman on duty at 10-11 said all this noise is doing is sending her to sleep and it was designed to driver her mad it did the pigs the poor pigs will not have understood what was happening to them and it is not the first time pigs have been mention
the other thing is when they first started using sound they told me I had to go to sleep to both pain and noise now when I hear the there noise I just want to sleep 

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