Monday, 31 December 2001

6-2-17 Letter to Hogan Howe - my family tree


Pain caused yesterday eye share shot to my eye and my back other part as well
they woke me in the night to make me peep because if I do not get out of bed they say it dose not count -  they shot both my eye while I am trying to get to the loo as well as my legs 

Well this morning they left my head a lone so got up and up the heating on and had my breakfast while the place got warm and had my breakfast
They are still targeting my eye to the winning of we did not want her to post the video of Halifax hospital but had told them if they did not leave my eye alone what I would do - yesterday night one of the people on duty said he would shot me through the eyes until I took it down - the difference been from what they are all ready doing

Breakfast one weetbix I use have three and would
lunch bread and cheese
tea one egg omelet with cheese eat a good bit of it

                                    I did not do my steps yesterday and this is why
I am doing my family tree and found that Isaac born in 1860 had gone to Fairbanks Alaska so have been trying to find out more about him - any way found a new paper article about him when he decide to go home he walked from Fairbanks to Chitins which is 328 miles and took him  16 days -He then took the train to Cordoia and then a boat to Seattle, it was when he stopped to visit his brother that a new paper man found him and did the actical Isaac lived to be 101 and died after a fall

This Hogan Howe is why you should not mess with a Dutton but I did say ' do not take me one for you truly do not know what you are getting'  we have all been works and stood our corner

                                                             I do not forgive
                                                             I do not forget
                                                       I will never give   up

         If you want to real know  the kind of people we are look up the Dutton's of Dutton
                                             I can prove a direct line to them
                     Don't feel bad about giving up you took on the best and lost -get over it

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