Monday, 31 December 2001

7-2-17 letter to Hogan Howe there comes a time


Pain caused yesterdays eyes with different things and back and legs
one of the office said if I took down Videos I post the other day they would leave my eye alone then he add once she has done it we carry on

                                                               so hear they are again
the rule is I do not take thing down until they stop what I have learnt from the past it they do not keep there words and as my days are numbed what the hell -
in the past one of the office said that I did not understand that when a police man gave his word it was his right to break it because they were police office -
                                                                      me 4-11-08

young girl 4-11-08

old lady

the whole ward 4-11-08


the old lady

the young girl

Breakfast small pot of yogurt with chopped dates and two rich tea biscuits
lunch 2 current buns
tea small tin of tomato soup 1 slice of bread

It has been a strange day for reasons I can not go in to right now but it left me feeling emotional all I can say is thank you to my brother in law for been there - what I have done will make things easy for my family

     I got around to doing some steps I am up to 1-689 it has taken me since the 1st of Feb to  do this                

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