Friday, 3 January 2003

17 -4-17 letter to Hogan Howe - day 3 of them trying to make me eat

17-4-17 time 14-52
I went to my sister yesterday for my dinner we had it about 5-30 pm up until then I had not eaten from the Saturday morning - 
the woman on duty this morning woke me at 6 am and as soon as they thought I was going to make my breakfast they started on my tummy so I could not eat 
I have worked out an eating plan and need to stick to it which is my breakfast at 8 am -lunch at 1pm and dinner at 6pm  I need a a good gap in between meals so I can face the next meal
one of them remarked that what is wrong with me has nothing to do with what they have done so they should leave me alone yet they have not stopped for some reason they are targeting my tummy in between my meals the other thing they have been saying is they are doing it for a joke and they thought they were helping me out 
at 6 pm  I try and cook as I did before this all started 
see the posting I made on the 16th 

I am having trouble with dry food and though this would be a good way of have a good breakfast 

this kind of lunch give me some of my 5 a day and is light to eat

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