Saturday, 4 January 2003

(4) Hogan Howe 27-12-13 time 10-09

Morning Bernard now I feel we are establishing a relationship I can call you Bernard but you and your office as ever can call me Mrs Hughes
my Christmas has not been to bad, they your office are still targeting my eyes and leg at the moment my legs look as though they have had boiling water pored over them
the weapons you are using were meant to be used in the field to stop protest not on people who are laying in there bed so the inadequate people you have employed can get there sexual gratification,
I wonder how they were chosen and did you give them psychological test .
the fools keep saying that they want you of my blog how touching that they want to protect there boss, sadly this will not happen for the time been, well not until  they stop targeting me and I feel safe,

shall we make 2014 the year when we gave common sense a chance
I will tell you about Boris the next time

you can find all the info on the pic below by Googleing  Raythone microwave
for some reason my share button has gone yet again

Daily Mail September 2006 I think

I know they have hand held small then this and they have been using it in public

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