Sunday, 5 January 2003

5 Hogan Howe - 30-12-13 over time

Hi Bernard are you looking forward to the new year, I alone can understand why you are not. me been the thorn in your side and you can't get a unit of competent people to deal with me, NO putting your head in the sand it will not help, Time to man up.

I am worried about the over time bill you are running up,
what I no is that the  office who are in the torture unit are part time they only stay on duty for a short period of time some time as little as 4 hours, what do they do the rest of the time,  is it jobs like this that bump up there over time,
may be in the fullness of time you would like to explain why I was kept in bed till 4pm with pain to my head,
 I would like to see all these question answered  in front of a parliamentary commit how about you,
remember my new year wish is to give common  sense ago
I do not want to rake over what has been but we do not want a repeat of your men going to Johhny night club and coming back drunk

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