Sunday, 5 January 2003

5 letter to Hogan Howe day 8 and 9

                                                                day 8-1-08
in the night they woke me 6 times from midnight till 5am ish and I got up at 8-30am so there are 6 videos for waking me up and 6 for causing me pain until I went back to sleep -one of there rules is I have to go to sleep while they are causing me pain

day 9

awarded for targeting me when I went shopping

awarded when I was doing my vacuuming

when I was washing the kitchen floor what they do is cause me pain to my back so I have to keep sitting own

hart all day

side of my knee and saying that I am putting on the pain

for targeting me when I was doing my syrup,

they have been targeting my eye all night


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