Tuesday, 7 January 2003

7 letter to Hogan Howe to-day and 12-1-08

they are still causing me extreme pain to my knee, an are still targeting my eyes and hart, Last night was dreadful, they kept me awake until 3am and then woke me at 5am, they kept targeting my knee and because I could not sleep I made a cup of tea and listened to radio4+ there was a good story on about a mathematician, the Barbra Flinn  was in it,

the question is how do they set up so quickly I only knew myself the day before I was going on this job

day 13


back home

Grange  over sands

the lady I  was looking after had very short team memory and I was reminding her who she had phoned


they have targeted my eye all day as well as other parts of my body

the office on duty at this time have targeted my knee and eyes for the last hour

my hair looks like it dose because of there weapons they shot a projectile and it grabs your hair and twist around to cause you pain



no change

they are causing me a horrible sensation to my legs and have caused me pain to other parts of my body during the last hour



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