Friday, 3 January 2003

3 letter to Hogan Hower

I have survived another year at the hand of your officer, when you took the job on as Commander did you no about the unit that carries out the bidding of the Patten report or were you told after, or will you pretend if any one ask you that you have never heard of it,
I would like to make 2014 a year when common sense has a victory how about you,
you no as well as I do that some of the reacher has been done through the home office scientific department and that the officer from the Metropolitan police were given the task of  finding target to test the weapons out on,

one page from the Paten report

you can keep rolling the dice and hope you come up with a pair of six's what are you going to do when you lose,

in 2004 I told your men not to take me because you did not know what you were getting, you should have listened


I do not forgive

I do not forget

expect me.


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