Friday, 3 January 2003

3- letter to Hogan Howe - 4-1-08 , a good talking to

Hi Bernard I just though I would give you a little advice this morning the carpet that is in front of your desk is for your office to stand on when you give them a dressing down, now we all know you took the job for the pension and the knighthood but get a grip and pretend you cars about the state of the Metropolitan police and sort them out, make a name for yourself other then ineffectual  twat

they targeted during the night and this morning as I can not make a video of my hart I am posting old videos, and will do so until you call your men off, this is the Bernard no more golf until you have sorted this out

I think the reason that I have survived so long is that I have never smoked and have not been a big alcohol drinker, or taken drugs of any kind, having said that in my young days I did get drunk now and again as you do, they are what I call my hay days, I hope ever one has or had a hay day they help you get through the bad days because they can not take from you what has been, and my memories are in tacked  

it is hard to explain how your hart and chest feels when they are targeting it, they can make you cough until you think your hart will pop out or explode, they can make it feel as though there is a ball in side you, or make it flutter like a butterfly,

18-58 they have targeted me all day in my back and chest, I have been trying to make a cucumber syrup for my sister to go with gin or vodka I am getting there with this project, will try again in the morning, less sugar I think


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