Saturday, 25 January 2003

25 -letter to hogan Howe 27-2-14

I went to bed just after midnight and put cream on my legs and put some cotton sheet around them because they are so dry, put some socks on to keep it in place, they started to target my leg until I could have screamed  they were using the itch thing, I do not no if it was because they were wrapped but the effect was dreadful - I had to get out of bed and wash them did not put any more cream on, I had done the same thing that morning and they had been all right it was not until they started on me in bed that the trouble started 

27-2-14 0011
you can see all to well that they are still targeting me 

27-2-14 0123



the redness is because they were burning me as well

this is a close up of my leg it has small pot marks all over it because they keep shooting me in the leg 

from 2008 
2-1-08 -0357
they were targeting my hart and hear I still am in 2014 and they are still doing the same thing

I talk about someone called Free Radical I lead them to believe that one of them was helping me when in fact they all were they made remakes because they thought these videos would not see the light of day,
in 2004 between February and may I was listening to the radio and they talked about blogs, I knew they would become a powerful way of communicating, I never thought in a millions years that I would become a blogger, I can not spell and my English  is poor but hear I am,
I would say to anyone who has a story to tell do a blog it helps in so many ways you can get it off your chest it aid in your well been because you do not keep it all pent up, we all need to sort our heads out this is a good way of doing it, say how you feel and above all stick to the truth at all times 

they were targeting my head as well when you look at the video you can see the dent it is making 

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