Sunday, 26 January 2003

26 -letter to Hogan Howe 28-2-14 all so (2-1-08-0739)

last night they made my leg itch for over an hour at the time it felt like all night 



they had stopped by the video above and they just woke me up at 4am  for no other reason then they can
I did not sleep much after that



                                                                            28-2-14 -1454
there has been no let up to day they have targeted the top of my head with a sensation that make me feel spaced out all of the time

the white light in my eye is from there weapon, 

the white light is from there weapons they were targeting the side of my face as well 

                                 below is a bit of my laptop what the blue thing are I do not know

28-2-14   1623

there are some days when common sense out weights frustration this is one of them
they were targeting my head to the point of distraction, I walked in to the kitchen and the fool on duty said he thought they would all ways have to keep me under control the thing is they have never controlled me and I have stood up to them when ever I can, they want me to take down by blog and I will not because they never keep there word  
at the end I said you do not need therapy when you are telling the truth

these pic are from the video

they were targeting my eye 

I tried to do the back of my head

as you can see my face is swollen because they have been targeting it all day

the office on duty are causeing my feet to itch it is not like what you normal feel it is worse you they rub your feet and they become sore it took me over a week to heal them before and they no this 


1-1-08 -0740
they do not want me to post these video because they do not want any one to know just how relentless they have been, so I post them when they cause me extreme pain, the office on duty on the 28-2-14 time 12-35 have not only caused me pain but have as normal told lies,  what they have been saying is that they need to give up causing me pain and try and gain my trust, I decide to hoover and what did they do target my back with extreme pain 


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