Monday, 27 January 2003

27 letter to Hogan Howe al so ( 2-1-08 1131 -1201 )

just got in to bed 

1-3-14 0148
still awake they were making my leg itch to keep me awake

the pic are not very good but you can see they were all so targeting my face as well, ever Saturday morning I go to my sister for breakfast there are quite a few families member so they keep me awake all night because they said I never ask there permission to go hell will freeze over before that happens, they all so do this ever time they think I am  going to go shopping even if it is only for a pint of milk

noise that is what I was trying to record 


light in odd places 

I am sure that in the pic below what you can see are projectiles 

2-1-08 - 1201
in this video I am talking about dreaming of flashing light and blackness

2-1-08- 1452

in the video you can see the movment from there weapons


targeting my head 

targeting my eye 

the purple balls are projectile from there weapons 

there purple thing remind me of the smoke in the pic below 

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