Tuesday, 7 January 2003

7 - 2-1-14 eye and legs - disk labs

On facebook last night I said that I was luck because I had been to my sisters for the day, I had breakfast with one and dinner with the other, and for the best part of the day the officer on duty had left me alone,
Then at 10pm one of them shot me in the eye with wet stuff, I took I pic and recognised what it was, the same stuff they had used on my legs, the man on duty said ' she felt it I thought we had found a safe way to target her eyes' what he real meant was he thought he had found away to blind me that I could not feel, 
my mistake was that I did not wipe it with a tissue and keep it, 
I have kept skin samples for my leg and some of the stuff that they targeted me, but rest assured the next time I will keep a sample,

what I have kept 
1- the evidence bag that was hand back to me when I paid a lot of money to have a phone analysed the back is still unopened, 

2- all the video I made between 2006 and 2008 or 9 are still on the phones they were made with,
3- all the recite of letter I have sent to the likes of Boris Johnson and other member of government,
4- all my paper work letter that I have sent and have been sent to me,
5- I have as you no documented all the job I have done and I no the there will be a paper trail, 
6- I have my memory which is faultless 

if you think that a bunch of twats like you can bring down a woman like me dream on,
you went to Raythone I had some one much better
I do not forgive
I do not forget
expect me
all my life I have fought bullies and cowards it started when my brother was bullied at school and when ever I have found some one who need help I have stepped in, 
I am not afraid of you Hogan Howe or the thugs you employ

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