Monday, 31 March 2003

95 letter to Hogan Howe 16-5-14-

you would not  think that you  could get in to a routine when you are going through this but you can and do, it is an unspoken routine, I  know when I go to bed they will target me for the first hour what ever time I go, I know that when I get up to cook or do what ever they will target my back, 
the last few times my sister has been away they have turned up the pain and  say it is there change to break me, for my part I have to make sure that I have enough food in the house because before now they have caused me so much pain I have had to stay in bed until they have filled there boots 


16-5-14- 0406

16-5-14- 0415

they are trying to cause sore again on my legs as they have before 

10-1-08- 0720

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