Saturday, 31 December 2005

174 letter to Hogan Howe 30-8-14-

I am still waiting for a moving date this will be the third time I have moved because of them, fist from the boat to a flat in Rochester and then to Huddersfield I had thought once I moved hear they would have stopped but then again it is an easy job for them and as one of them said after a police officer was killed 'we are better of doing this then been out there with the great unwashed and it will be them on the ground that will get the blame' 
any way what I was going to say is that I have sorted out all the bottom cupboards by moving a chair around and sitting there - I have got some freezer draws and am using them as draws so I can find thing easy and all we have to do is move them as they are and put them straight in to the cupboards when I move, I am trying to make thing as easy as I can for my family who will have to do most of the work, will be buying a ham and sald for sandwich and making an apple pie to see them through the day - we all like our food wonder if I should a big cake as well  


when I went to the hospital with my eye they did laze surgery on it and had to take out the eye the doctor on the day said there was orange stuff behind my eye - they had to stop using it after that 

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