Saturday, 31 December 2005

309 Letter to Hogan Howe 31-1-15-

the woman on duty has been saying all night that because it is the weekend it dose not matter what they do to me, they use to say that when I was working and had time off and was at home because even if I had wanted to report them to someone as it was the weekend they would be closed, the only thing I do is up it on this blog which dose not close because it is the weekend, 







  1. Hello. I posted a comment on a blogpost you put up a week back. This blog makes only your latest batch of videos available, with only your latest blogpost, then it goes back to a video back in 2013. So I don't know if you replied to me or not, because the blogpost I commented on here has disappeared. Did you reply to me?

    Why are you posting 5 tiny videos and 7 photographs of yourself? Wouldn't just one video be better? It would improve the number of people visiting your blog or videos.

    a TI

  2. the reply is on 302 and I have not taken it down

  3. have pinned the post so you can find it -