Monday, 6 January 2003

22-12-17 letter to Cressida Dick to post on the 5 jan

22-12-17 time 03-56 

They by they I mean the Metropolitan police keep saying they want to bring this to an end once and for all and all I have to do is take down my blog and they will leave me alone
The problem is in the past they have said they would leave my eyes alone if I took down this that and the other and they have never once kept there word, on top of this they told me it did not matter what I did or did not do they would keep abusing me until I was on my death bed they all so said that when they gave there word it was there right to break it because they were police officer's 
Now they want me to take them at face value and believe they are telling the truth 
They know I am not well but this as not stopped them from waking me god knows how many times a night so that I can not function, At the moment I am so exhausted I can not think 

To day I have told them if they want to bring this to an end they have to leave me alone until the 5 of January   to show me they will keep there word then knock on my door and we can take it from there 
when I want them to know any thing I say it out loud so they have it on there recordings as of yet their has been no change 

time 05-18pm my friend came and  the two men on duty spent all the time she was hear making my legs jump, I have to wonder why 

it is 23-12-17 time 6-50am the two woman on duty have kept me in pain most of the night I told them they had to stop at midnight  they have not sending me a clear message that they think in the long run they will get away with what they are doing to me and other people

they keep saying if they give in to me they will have to give in to ever one

they are still causing me pain to my head so can not write any more 

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